Aerial Skywriting: What Are The Benefits Of This Form Of Advertising?

Hooters_SkywritingThere are many different forms of marketing out there, and not many people think outside of the box to get their name where other businesses aren’t competing for attention. When you think about it this way, it makes sense to look at aerial skywriting as a form of advertisement. While this won’t be ideal in every location, in many urban locations that have big events or areas with a lot of visitors, this can be a great way to get attention and stick out.

Easy Branding
Especially if you are a new company, you may find that getting your name out there can be difficult. However, by having a great aerial skywriting campaign, you can get your brand out there in front of thousands of people and get your name in their heads. As long as you have a solid website and online presence, this gives people the ability to jump on their smart phone and look you up – this is easy branding.

No Competition
Online you’re competing with dozens or even hundreds of other businesses for attention. Whether through search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), or social media, you have to fight to become easier to find than all your competition. Good luck being able to cut through all that noise to get attention. However, on a clear day your message will be the only one out there – no competition just plenty of access.

Get Attention
There are so many ways to get attention with your aerial skywriting message. Point them to social media, sponsor a special event, advertise a special, or give a cryptic mysterious message with a phone number, email, or social media site to visit. There are many different ways to get attention through your skywriting investment.

How to Generate More Business From LinkedIn

When it comes to making the most out of your business interests, you will need always to be growing your business to the best of your ability. This boils down to finding new people in new networks that will allow you to exchange information and expand your reach. With this in mind, LinkedIn is an excellent way to go about this and will allow you to get all that you need out of the growth of your company. Consider these points so that you can grow your business through LinkedIn.

#1: Go through your current LinkedIn network and reach out to people you already know

By taking advantage of your current LinkedIn network, you will be able to freshen relationships that you currently have or may not have taken advantage of. For instance, LinkedIn automatically puts you in touch with people who you have Artie worked with, gone to school with and things of that nature. When looking into growing your business, start with those who are familiar with you.

#2: Join groups or networks with new people in your field

It is critical to nurture new relationships based on shared interests. Start out by searching for people who already work in your same field or who you have a common interest with. This opens the door for communication and allows you to grow relationships.

#3: Schedule time to regularly reach out to new contacts

Finally, be sure that you reach out to new prospective contacts on a regular and consistent basis. You can take help from Fully automated social media reporting tools to make the work easy for you. This way, you will be able to make it a habit of growing your network. As opposed to networking as it comes along, schedule a time and day every week to make new contacts aggressively.

Looking At Wacky Forms Of Marketing

Who said marketing has to be conventional? Truth be told, often an odd or strange idea or marketing attempt can get some attention or help to open those doors that are needed to bring in some new business and really get a small company going. As a former strategist for a New York SEO company, over the years I have noticed wacky forms of marketing can take many different shapes and looks, and it’s at least worth giving some of these options to see what might help bring a few more customers in your company’s doors.

Sky Writing & Sky Banners
digital-skywriting-049-supercutsBest in outdoor locations on clear days with a lot of people out and about, sky writing or the back and forth flying with a sky banner behind it can be a way to get a lot of attention from people who might be inclined to take advantage later. The key is to think about matching the ad with audience. On a beach, a restaurant or bar special could be a great advertisement since people might be hungry after a day out on the beach. Give it a try!


WackywavingBig 20 foot blow up figures with wavy arms are pretty hard to ignore. Add a sign, get attention by putting it somewhere that can be seen from the main roads, and suddenly you have someone pulling in the business. Not just for used car dealers.

Grocery Cart Seats

Many grocery stores are happy to provide advertising on the seats of their shopping carts. Often for a monthly fee, or for a straight up “$X for 6 months” you can put an ad on the seats of all the grocery carts at a local store, getting your brand out there in front of a lot of names.

Bus Sides
The sides of city buses in town often have advertisements, and that is a moving advertisement that moves across town, making it a wacky and unconventional way to get your business out there.